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Culture of Excellence

  • Illinois Vipers hold themselves to the highest expectations and are always open to being pushed past what they see as their limits.
  • Illinois Vipers are always striving to go above and beyond their current achievement level. Good enough is not enough, we want to be the best.
  • Illinois Vipers are always prepared. You play how you practice, so we practice to succeed.
  • Illinois Vipers are committed to long-term goals--we begin with the end in mind.


  • Illinois Vipers understand the importance of "the little things," they run through the line, show up early, maintain their composure, and control the controllables (attitude, effort, and focus).
  • Illinois Vipers excel and take initiative even when no one is watching.
  • Illinois Vipers take responsibility for their own performance--success or failure.
  • Illinois Vipers don't make excuses; they make things happen.


  • Illinois Vipers treat all individuals with fairness and respect.
  • Illinois Vipers represent the organization with decency and professionalism at all times.
  • Illinois Vipers hold true to their values and strive to be good people, not just good softball players.


  • Illinois Vipers know that one player is never bigger or more important than the team.
  • Illinois Vipers win as a team and lose as a team. We are strongest together and the team comes first.
  • Illinois Vipers are dedicated to the art of competition. Playing time is not guaranteed but is earned through competing every practice and game.


  • Illinois Vipers will learn the game, think the game, play the game, but above and beyond they will respect the game.
  • Illinois Vipers understand playing the sport of softball is a privilege and never take the time they have to play for granted.
  • Illinois Vipers commit to learning important life lessons through the game of softball, but remember that, in the end, it is a game that should be enjoyed.
  • Illinois Vipers will treat their personal and team equipment with respect.

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